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shoes, glorious shoes.

August 26, 2009

Welcome to my new blog.
I have decided to jump on the blogwagon, my first quite lengthy but fun dilemma has been coming up with a name for my blog which is:

a) not already taken

b) original, and

c) relevant.

So I have settled on shoesgloriousshoes. I would have taken shoes glorious shoes/bags/clothes/accessories/clothes in general, but it doesn’t have quite the same ring to it. And it is ever so slightly over the character limit. Sigh.
Anyway, there’s probably only a few pairs of eyes reading this (those probably belonging to friends I have forced to check this out) but hopefully I will catch the attention of more readers (and an Editor or two) over time.
I intend this blog to be:

a) a fun pastime/ addiction (facebook replacement)

b) good experience (the bane of my life)

c) a place for me to get writing about all the things I heart.

I only wish I’d done this sooner.

I have just moved to The Big Smoke, leaving my life in Milton Keynes behind in search of the glitz, glamour and smog synonymous with London. I am working at ES Magazine as Shopping Editor’s Assistant which is basically, my dream job (albeit unpaid). I basically (don’t) get paid to shop and swoon over fashion and beauty all day long. And I get to start at 10am. Win.
It seems only fitting this new chapter in my life should be documented. As well as blogging, I also want to write on the other passions and interests in my life: food, music, current affairs, celebrities (guilty pleasure but who doesn’t?) oh and shoes. Obviously.

It seems only right that my first blog should be based quintessentially upon shoes. And so I begin…

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