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Mini-Me: because dogs in handbags are soo last decade.

January 4, 2010

I am just about the most un-maternal person I know.
The only bundle of joy due to be arriving in my household in the near future is my Vogue subscription when it drops through my letterbox and on to my door mat.

I’m the one who never coo’s over babies, hasn’t already picked any children’s names and thinks it’s crazy that anyone under the ripe old age of thirty would want to settle down with kids just yet.

BUT, I did happen to notice how unbelievably cute the childrens’ American Apparel selection is, whilst browsing today, trying to kill time before a dentist appointment in Shoreditch.

I can practically recreate a mini-me if i so wish!

like mother like daughter...potentially.

Suri and Shiloh would.

Somebody knock me up, quick! I want a mini me!

My triplets in their Sunday bests.

Emma Jnr

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