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Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…

January 6, 2010

With everyone worth their fashion salt (because lets face it, there is no other salt left) donning gloves, hats, scarves; hell, even snow chains for the fierce (looking to embellish their winter look I presume) due to The Big Snow-The Sequel this week, we are crying out for ways to look chic without being chilly.

If you are anything like me (which is dressing as if i’m back in Egypt during The Big Freeze, because I just don’t do warm clothes) -Not that I don’t like the array of smart beautiful offerings this season, I jus like cute dresses and have spent all my money perfecting my party wardrobe.

Luckily for me I was able to borrow said accessories from the Drapers fashion cupboard after the shoot today. I picked a cute Vans ear flap hat with tassles from their A/W 2010 collection to aid me on my arctic expedition home from the shoot today. To be returned tomorrow, unfortunately.

*Winter dresssing is all about layering so you can peel on and off layers to suit- Go for multiple thin layers.

*A cute hat can perfect a look.

*Try long sleeved or breton tees from Gap layered with thin knit cardi’s, chunky knit scarves and waterproof waxy Barbouresque jackets.

*Avoid the dreaded snow dandruff: Black coats aren’t a good look generally in the falling snow. Head and Shoulders, anyone?

*Alternatively try an Eskimo Coat. (Beyond Retro have hundreds, well at least they did before the frost settled…) although you will need a few body pump classes in under your cinched in belt as all that warmness equals heavy, heavy fabric to lug about. I can’t imagine looking all that glamourous sweating under the thermal layers on the Central Line, or indeed carrying the ton weight.

The only problem with inclement weather arriving any later than Christmas is that post-sales, the shops are full of wonderful spring offerings and if like me you really need a scarf/hat/gloves still (delete as necessary) you are well and truly snookered.

Luckily good old Topshop are on hand to help with these warming winter wonders:

Eskimo a go-go

Polar Bear Intarsia Coatigan £85- This is similar to the full length version Topshop did a couple of months ago and will equally sell out quicker than you can say (or catch) frost bite.

Pearly Snow Queen

Pearl Trim Gloves £12- just in case you (like me) dropped one on the 5,478 darstardly Bank Station stairs….

Chelsea Girl

Dion Chelsea High Leg Boots £85- These are gorgeous. Not quite Wellingtons, not quite Chelsea boots.

Chellingtons! (See what I did there?)

I’ve been after a pair of chelsea boots for a while and as with me and all sought after purchases, i like to shop around. these will look wonderfully equine teamed with jodphurs and a Barbour. Helmet and whip optional.

Snow, what snow?

Whiskey T-Bar Embossed Wedges £65- OK maybe put these away for a few weeks but then again, the handy platform will help to elevate you up and off of the snowy ground and keep your toes dry as long as the snow stays below four inches.

Enjoy your snow day! x

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