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Life In Plastic…

February 11, 2010

The second Louboutin Barbie hits Net-A-Porter in March, and isn’t she just fabulous?
Personally I think she should have stayed true to her (blonde) roots but I will give her extra style points for her on trend military style dress. Tres chic.

Life In's Fantastic

In other Barbie news, Chinese designer Lu Wei Kang has spent months recreating Lady GaGa’s impressive wardrobe in minature on his, ahem, rather worryingly extensive Barbie collection.

P-p-p-plastic face

GaGa herself at the MTV VMA's 2009

GaGa: FrogSpawn

Lady GaGa looking ribbeting

In homage to the late Alexander McQueen who designed Lady GaGa’s impressive outfits and not forgetting those lobster heels for her Bad Romance video, here is the original, one and only Lady GaGa sure to be soon re-created a la Barbie.Now why didn’t I think of that? I went one better (debateably) and dressed up as her at Glastonbury last year.

Lady GaGa in Alexander McQueen in the video for Bad Romance

For more amazing images check out Lu’s Flickr here.

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