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Spring In A Bottle? Nailed.

March 9, 2010

Trust Chanel to help nail the look

In a life-long battle to stop biting my nails, I have a new game plan this week. My inspiration? I want WAH Nails, and I can’t get the WAH factor with chewed cuticles can I?

WAH is a nail salon with a difference. Based in Dalston, East London WAH have also recently opened a pop-up shop in the mecca that is Topshop Oxford Circus.

Now, normally I would say that nails, indeed nail art applique, is the height of WAG-a-like chav chic. But I think that WAH are so obviously chav that they cancel out the chav-ness- if that makes sense? Either way, I want.

I have tried numerous anti-nail biting solutions which taste like bleach if you try to sneak a nibble, all good I hear you say, as this will surely stop the temptation: only problem being that handling a sarnie, crisps or any other finger food for that matter, the taste transfers to your snack! Not good.

So this time around I am using cunning reverse psychology on my talons in a tactful plan to make them grow!

I have treated myself to the must-have Chanel nail polish for Spring, ‘Particuliere’ (see above),  a beautiful putty mink-brown shade.  So far so good. OK so it doesn’t look amazing on my miniscule manicure, but it has lessened the temptation to bite said nails as the colour is so pretty. So give it a couple of weeks, I will report back- hopefully with longer more elegant nails.

Here are a couple of WAH Nail designs so you can see what the hype is about. Follow @WAHNAILS on Twitter to see more.

Chanel interlocking C's


Tiffany boxes with bows a la WAH

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