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Pubbly jubbly.

March 24, 2010


Mine's a pint

Monday marked the opening of Anya Hindmarch’s pop-up pub ‘The Bag and Bottle’ in posh Belgravia.
Anya, the self-proclaimed ‘Bag Lady’, is Landlady for the week, proudly showcasing her new collection of sumptous leather goods and bags.

Ye Olde 'Bag & Bottle' free house

The Bag & Bottle, usually The Star Tavern (where the great train robbery was planned)  is open to the press on Monday and Tuesday acting as a showroom, and for the public for the rest of the week.

The pub is the eptimome of olde-English pub kitsch, decked out in antique wood and with Anya’s personalised beer mats strewn across tables and thw whole thing embellished with Anya’s beautiful bags  proudly on display.

 Crowd pleasers included good old-fashioned favourite bar snacks- including pork scratchings and pickled eggs-, real ale and darts. Bag & Bottle sailor style tattoos and boxes of matches were also being given out, I will put up a photo of the one adorning my wrist tonight.

“ I have always loved anything that is traditional and British and what could be more so than the iconic British pub. Being landlady for a week and having the chance to give this pub a make over is like a dream come true for me ”, says the lovely Anya who is propping up the bar and greeting ‘punters’ from publications including Glamour, ES Magazine (I greeted some old colleagues with a mouthful of pork scratchings, classy) and Vogue as well as little old me.

I bagged myself  some pig snacks and a pint of Anya’s home brew whilst I browsed the collection, inparticularly the new season Carker bag which has been brought bang up to date in a butter soft, battered leather and in metallic bronze and silver as well as black and cream- but with a £600+ price tag to match, naturally.

The trademark Hindmarch designs returned for the new season, namely the slogan purses- my favourite being a coin purse with “magazine money”  simply embroidered on to the front.

Anya was the pioneer of the eco-bag craze, launching the “This Is Not A Plastic Bag” canvas shopper at Sainsburys back in 2007 for £5 which was an instant sell-out and was later seen on eBay commanding a much larger sum- yours truly queued at 6am to get her hand on one. Although, not so unique now Primark et al have done a version- but probably my only chance to own an Anya Hindmarch bag in the near future, let’s be honest!

Anya’s designs are simple yet sumptuous and brilliant for real women- who like to carry around all but the kitchen sink. Hindmarch’s designs incorporate various clever pockets, pouches and slots for the multi-tasking girl’s mobile phone/ lipstick/ keys.

The venue also played host to a Vogue fashion pub quiz  see The Times piece here featuring the tricky questions: see how many you can get correct. I got a limp 18 out of 30.
Celebrity guests which dropped by included Barbara “get aaaaaagght a my pub” Windsor- perhaps the eptimimoe of London barmaid chic.

Peggy Mitchell

Go and check it out for yourself from now until Friday:

The Bag & Bottle
6 Belgrave Mews
London SW1

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